A typical spiral staircase installation in Cambridgeshire.

This was designed based on the guidance of BS 5395 Pt2 and the current building regulations and conformed to
'stair category - E' usage ('public') and the 100mm sphere rule.


Typically our spiral staircase designs follow a modular construction approach. This allows for easier handling,
transport and installation. The galvanizing process also benefits from this method as components are less
susceptible to heat deformation due to incorrectly welding heavy and light gauge materials together in the same


Here we see a standard type industrial staircase.

A free-standing, modular bolted construction employing laser cut profiles, folded treads and welded joints throughout
where appropriate. This type of design is not suitable for areas where the public have access.


A bespoke designed fire escape for a large domestic residence.

This installation had to incorporate gallows type fixing brackets for the upper level as conventional supports where not
possible. The finish is powder coat paint over hot dip galvanize protection.


This installation provides access to an underground plant room.

The unit straddles a pit containing fire sprinkler mains pipework which is in-turn buried under pea-gravel.
Support is at the ends only. Pit plates where also supplied to retain the gravel (not shown here).


DLR Abbey Road Station - London.

One of two staircase contracts worked on for Briton Fabricators.
This staircase included full height track side glass balustrading and mesh roofed canopy.


DLR Abbey Road Station - London.

Glazed balustrading to the upper concourse.


Feature staircase for entrance lobby.

Designed with an oval section backbone chassis and incorporating laser cut folded tread pans (concrete filled).
Balustrade panels are also laser cut with perforations small enough to prevent a childs finger from becoming stuck.


Safety guarding.

Matching balustrading was incorporated into the design of this staircase in order to prevent casual access to the
underside and rear of the structure.


Wall mount handrails.

We have designed many installations of wall mount handrail using a variety of profiles and materials. Some
installations have incorporated two parallel rails in order to comply with school or DDA regulations.


A staircase designed for a junior school in Newark.

The result was a three flight structure turning through 180 degrees with a fully guarded upper gallery area. The
majority of the construction was in steel, with timber handrailing and cement screed treads.


Heavy duty steelwork for a mezzanine floor installation.

No supports were adopted in this assembly. All of the support came from pad stones introduced into the existing
walls. External pockets were produced to slide the main beams into position from outside the building.


Pall-Ex - Leicestershire.

Helical feature staircase manufactured from stainless steel and glass. The design is clean with no intermediate
support positions. The design was continued around the glazed gallery area.


Pall-Ex - Leicestershire.

45mm thick laminated glass treads with 19mm thick toughened glass balustrading.


An interlocking laser cut fabrication forming the structural skeleton of a domestic feature staircase.

This structure is fixed at the ends only thus giving a floating effect.


The previous staircase skelton is fully clad with oak timber to give the illusion of a floating timber saw-tooth
construction. Guarding is accomplished using 12mm thick toughened glass panels fixed to the assembly via
large stainless steel button fixings. The upper gallery area is also guarded in the same manner.


A space-saver staircase designed for loft space access.

This unit was fully constructed from oak timber and clear toughened glass balustrading.


A communal steel staircase serving four floors of an apartment block.

The design complies with BS 5395 Pt1, part 'K' of the building regulations and the 100mm sphere rule regarding
child access.


Steel pan floor structure.

Modular steelwork directly fixed to the adjacent masonry. The whole structure was then covered with folded steel trays,
welded together before being filled with a suitable cement screed.


Unsupported stair flight and landing.

This installation prevented the use of conventional supports so the landing and two associated stair flights for
each of three levels were designed for chem-fixing to the well walls.


Bespoke powder coated mild steel and toughened clear glass balustrading installed at a church building in Retford.

This design utilises custom manufactured parts coupled with standard proprietary components to form a simple yet
effective stair guarding system.


Painted steel, stainless steel and glass balustrading.

This installation is at a prestigious apartment development, with a common design theme running both inside and
out on all the architectural metalworks.

CAD, Engineering & Design Solutions for the OEM, Fabrication and Construction Industries.

Nottingham based 2D, 3D and documentation services, plus site surveys, commissioning and assembly /
installation supervision. Our design process involves using the latest Solidworks software.

Contact Steve Brown on  07922 007952  or email  steveb@asgard2000.co.uk  if we can be of assistance.

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Entrance canopy at the 'Biomolecular Sciences' Building - part of the University of Nottingham.

All our canopy designs take structural integrity, wind and snow loadings into account.


Ruddington Medical Centre.

Internal window security to comply with part 'K' of the building regulations.
This simple design utilises proprietary 'Q-Railing' components only and is a bonded and screwed construction.


Wire type balustrading installed at commercial offices.

A relatively simple and quick solution for providing staff safety on stairs and balconies.


A standard guarding arrangement adopted by a national home builder.

We have worked on many similar installations in the East Midlands region.


Private apartment corner balconies.

Manufactured with suitable structural steel base frameworks, timber covered and guarded via painted steel,
stainless and toughened glass panels.


Terrace guarding and cantilevered balconies.

Private out door space solutions at a luxury apartment development. There are complementary Juliet balconies to the
front aspect of these apartments.


A four flight, two floor staircase designed for a public city centre building.

All steel construction with hard wood treads, stainless steel guarding and toughened glass panels.


Free standing handrail servicing a stage area.

Custom fabricated stainless steel construction.


Juliet balcony.

A standard exterior window guard as fitted to numerous East Midlands housing developments.


Domestic Juliet balcony.

This client specified the wrought iron infill and engaged us to produce a suitable exterior window guard.


Framework for a secure cycle shelter.

Modular construction from steel box materials, fully bolted joints and adjustable feet for levelling before bolting down.


Fully installed cycle shelter with solid steel sheet sides for added security, high impact acrylic roof and mechanical
key-pad entry.

We have also designed glazed motorcycle shelters, storage cages and smoking shelters.


Security gates.

We have designed many gate installations including small domestic projects, heavy duty commercial entrances,
public parks, schools, cantilevered sliding units and even a crowd control unit for a well known football team.


Compton Verney House (Art Gallery) - Warwickshire.

Bin storage area with galvanized steel framework, aluminium framed doors clad with Iroko timber.


Platform guarding.

Manufactured as a painted aluminium framework with Iroko slat in-fills. The finished design had to look clean and


Disabled access ramp.

We have experience of several access ramp installations, designed for commercial properties, community centres
and schools.


Heavy duty fully welded process air ductwork manufactured in Nottingham.

A typical installation comprises straights, bends, bleeds, trouser leg branches, louvrer dampers, flexible joints,
centrifugal fan and all associated support steelwork.


Part of a tobacco leaf classifying system destined for installation in Brazil.

We have worked on many installations now operating in Europe, Asia, India and South America. Our work includes
the design and detail, overseeing 3rd party manufacture, assembly, installation supervision and commissioning.


Urban sculpture - Venus Rising' by Wolfgang Buttress (sited in Brisbane - Australia).

This structure has in excess of 500 different bracing members, all of which were 3d laser cut to our models.
We worked on component design for all of the superstructure and the required construction jigs.


Urban sculpture - 'The Mansfield Spire' by Wolfgang & Heron.

Our involvement was to optimise the number of components and provide suitable manufacturing documentation
to allow construction etc.


Modifications to an existing pipe coating line. Here the outside of underground steel pipes are coated via a special
welding process. We were engaged to increase the number of welding heads, supply the necessary interface parts
and design heavier duty hydraulically operated gull wing doors. Modifications were also made to the main structure.


Various aspects of industrial access and guarding were employed here. We designed a high level structure with a
walkway and caged access ladder, plus floor level man-way ramp and guarding. Works conformed to BS 5395 Pt3,
BS 4211 and BS 6180.


Industrial walkways designed for an existing process line.

All designs follow the guidance of BS 5395 Pt3.


A retro fit high level maintence access platform installed at a Tarmac block manufacturing plant.

This facility enables safe maintenance of the associated stacker unit to be carried out.


Steelwork to carry and shroud air conditioning tower units on the roof of Nottingham's Queens Medical Centre.

The contract also included a high level access platform and cat ladders for maintenace purposes.


A pilot sized rotary gas heated calciner supplied to an academic establishment in Turkey.

This is one of dozens of drying equipment contracts completed over a ten year period.


A series of small stainless steel bodied belt conveyors designed for inclusion in an optical sorting line installation
at a Cardiff based process company. We have vast experience in materials handing including the design of elevators,
vibratory conveyors, roller track and screw feeders.


A fabricated rotary valve unit for inclusion in a pneumatic transfer system.

These units are laser cut precision fabrications with machined shafts, self-aligning bearing units, flexible tips
and shaft mounted drives. Additional electrical isolators and safety interlock switches are sometimes fitted.


Fabricated stillage to house 16 gas cylinders which are piped together to form a gas bundle.

We have worked on several different designs for well known air products companies including DNV approved units.


Support structure produced to carry large water storage tanks.

This installation is at a public transport company depot and forms part of the bus cleaning line.